1. The name of the Society is "Duns & District Photographic

2. The object of the Society, which is non-profit making, is to
promote and encourage interest in all aspects of photography

3. Membership of the Society is open to all persons interested
in photography. Members will pay an annual subscription to be
decided at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). Any members
who fails to pay his or her subscription before the end of
September following the AGM shall cease to be a member.

4. The affairs of the Society are to be managed by a Committee
consisting of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, Secretary(ies), a Treasurer
and a maximum of four other members. A Quorum of the
Committee shall consist of no few than five members. It is a
requirement that a Committee Member has been a fully paid
up member of the Society for a minimum of one year.

5. Committee Members shall be elected at the AGM by a
majority of those present.

6. A third of Committee Members shall retire annually on a
strict rotation basis. No Committee Member shall remain a
Committee Member for a period longer than three years
without seeking re-election. A retiring Committee Member
may seek re-election at an AGM.

7. The Committee may, at their discretion, offer honorary
membership to those members who have given long and
exemplary service to the Society.

8. An AGM, of which at least one month's notice must be
given, shall be held on a date decided by the Committee. A
quorum for the meeting shall consist of not less than 25%
of the paid-up membership.

9. A member of the Society may be nominated for election to
the Committee at an AGM subject to being proposed and
seconded by two members. Such nominations should be
received by the Secretary in writing, two weeks prior to the

10. A bank account in the name of the Society will be kept.
The signatures of any two of three Committee Members
authorised by the Committee will be required for its
operation. A Statement of Accounts will be submitted each
year at the Annual General Meeting and will have been
examined and approved by an independent examiner

11. No alterations to this Constitution will be made other
than at an Annual or Special General Meeting when a majority
decision of those present and voting will be required. Notice
of any motion to amend the Constitution must be in the hands
of the Secretary at least one month before an Annual or
Special General Meeting.

12. A Special General Meeting may be convened either by
the Committee or by a request, submitted in writing to the
Secretary, by no fewer than six members, giving at least
one month's notice.

13. If the Committee determine that for any reason it is
appropriate that the Society should be dissolved, it will
convene a Special General Meeting detailing the terms
of the proposed resolution. Should any proposal to dissolve
be confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those present and
voting, the Committee, on behalf of the Society, will have
the power to dispose of any assets remaining after
satisfaction of all debts. Any assets remaining will be
transferred to such Society or Organization having aims
similar to those of the Society as the Special General
Meeting may have directed or failing this as the Committee
may decide at their discretion.